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Each Kendl product is designed to serve its user. Our products are fit for purpose and each one of them holds a unique aspect to their design and function. Kendl products are all about making kitchen items special again, and we believe serving our world is making products people want to keep.   Find out more


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High quality, artisan cook ware and table wares. Each item has been specifically designed for purpose. The unique elements to all Kendl pieces often take a second glance to notice, but each item has a feature that makes it distinct as a designer kitchenware item. 



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It is hard to find cooking and kitchenware items that are uniquely designed and also available on scale. Each product we design is carefully thought over, modelled, tested and then set up for production. Firstly we hand model each design and once we have approved the function of the piece, we set up a small batch run to match the first hand model. This way with all our products we maintain the unique artisan style and yet we can replicate each one on a greater scale too.

Below are just a few of the big brands we have featured with.


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As of January 2018, Tastemade featured some of the Kendl collection on their store. Some of the Tastemade team even came down to Brighton to film a short promo with us.

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Touch of Modern

In October 2017 we ran a flash sale with Touch of Modern. Over only five days we sold 49 products and delivered the items to the USA that very month. Have a look at our page on their site here.

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The flagship Kendl product; The Spring Oven was launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, we reached 142% of our £10,000 target with pledges from all over the world.

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Introducing one of our newest partners; Houzz. An online platform for inspiration, pin-boarding and interior designing. Look out for our new product releases on Houzz too.

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As regular users, we love the way our loaves have voluminous oven spring and crispy, shiny crust. The Spring Oven is a major helping hand in giving our bread an real artisanal look.
— Helen Best-Price - Fuss Free Flavours food blog