Why we exist

Honesty is at the centre of what we do. We seek to make honest products that stand the test of time and have a unique purpose in the world.

Here are four key characteristics of what we do, that display the way we care in our business:




A unique view on caring for our world.

While it is important to use recyclable /compostable materials (and we do) it is more important to produce products that people keep. Too many companies design products that intentionally wear and so need to be discarded and repurchased. We design products that consumers want to keep, they look the part and gain character with age.




Products designed for a purpose are infinitely better.

All the products at Kendl are considered, have applied design thought and also modelled and thoroughly tested. This way we can create genuinely unique products with a specific function that strike a chord with real people. Whether your goal is to steam bake your ideal loaf of bread or pour the perfect latte.

Artisan Style


We love to keep it simple with a handmade style. 

Kendl products always have a special feel to them. The care and time that goes into producing each product makes for a quality end result that our customers love. We like to keep it handmade and we have carefully chosen dedicated suppliers that can replicate artisanal designs at significant quantities without compromising on our high standards of care in production.




Making sure we stick to getting the design right.

Many designer-makers are happy to keep it small because it's a lot of work supplying for big projects. We have a dedicated network of small production companies that do all of the making for us. That way we can stick to getting the design side just right and offering the best service to our valued customers no matter what their size or requirements.


Our Manufacturing

Widely available products with artisan roots

We have a unique process of developing products from the bottom up. Too many companies are churning out products without fully testing them on the customers they are intended for.

We pride ourselves in designing our products fully in house with consideration for the end user. Then we prototype the products using local companies, and test their functionality and style. After this we continue to use local companies for small production runs of a product, with the same artisan style and appeal. Only then do we start to look further into making that same product replaceable on scale, without changing the artisanal style of the product.