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Each Kendl product is designed to serve its user. We put thought into each design, and through prototyping and testing, the models are gradually tweaked until we have designed a product that is fit for purpose. Many of our products have a wide application and are suitable for commercial and domestic settings due to their high end finish quality.

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The Spring Oven


About the Spring Oven

The Spring Oven is where it all started. The idea was initially conceived as part of a university project, the idea was to design a product to help people bake bread at home with the use of steam.

Within the base of the Spring Oven is a lowered channel that can be filled with water which will steam during the baking process. Steam baking bread helps the dough rise and develops a perfect crust. No other baking item allows you to generate steam inside the baking pot.

Since the success of The Spring Oven on Kickstarter the product has become a recognised speciality baking item that is used all over the world. We have developed client accounts with some top companies such a Tastemade.

The Spring Oven is available in the regular full terracotta version, and three different colour glazed bases; blue, white and honey.

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Tilt Mixing Bowl

Mixing bowl with lid seperate 1.jpg

About the Mixing Bowl

Pre-launch (product beta-testing) 23/11/18

The Mixing Bowl is will be released early 2019. A very unique mixing bowl made of high quality yelloware clay that features a custom made cork lid. Initially designed to support the bread baking credentials of the Spring Oven, the mixing bowl is designed to make mixing the dough an easier and better experience.

With many mixing bowls it is difficult to mix items naturally without the bowl slipping around the table top. A mixing bowl has to sit flat on a table top, but it is easiest to mix items at an angle. The Mixing bowl has a bespoke lid with a concave shape on the inside that the bowl can sit in, rotating to a comfortable angle for mixing.

When the ingredients are ready the cork base can be flipped and plugged on the top of the bowl to preserve the contents.


Barista Cup

Banner barista cup image.jpg

About the Barista Cup and saucer

The first of our tablewares due to launch in the Kendl range; the Barista cup and also can include a saucer. Turned out of a quality clay and vitrified in the kiln at high temperatures for a hard and durable finish.

The Barista cup is designed with speciality coffee in mind. Designed under the consultation of a barista, the idea was to create the perfect cup that is simple and well suited for pouring the perfect latte.

The cup has a wide open mouth for easy pouring and the inside of the cup is fully curved which allows the milk to settle well at the bottom to help a barista pour good latte art. We noticed that coffee drinkers rarely use one hand to drink with so we decided to remove the handle and give the cup a thick wall to insulate the surface so it is not too hot to hold.

Both the cup and saucer are beautifully glazed in a speckled finish, leaving the chamfered detail unglazed on the lip. The barista cup can also be used as a small bowl for artisan desserts.


The dinner Plate 

Dinner plate blur.jpg

About the Dinner Plate

Currently Prototyping 23/10/18

The dinner plate is the perfect accompaniment to a new home, suited to a modern an al-fresco style with the top side beautifully glazed in white and the bottom left unglazed in the natural rich terracotta.

Suitable for oven use and available for hire as well.