The Glazed Spring Oven

The Glazed Spring Oven

from 106.00

The Spring Oven is an ovenware pot designed for bakers. Baking bread with steam helps your dough rise and gives you a good crust. However I found generating steam in a home oven was quite difficult and rarely that effective. The Spring Oven is a solution to this problem; an ovenware pot with a water channel in the base of the product that generates steam inside the product while you bake.

Many home methods to create steam often see minimal results and also have a cooling effect on your home oven which inhibits the rise of your bread. The Spring Oven combines the benefits of high steam-baking while allowing your home oven to still reach high temperatures.

This version of the Spring Oven is a special edition choice with the added style of a glazed base. The Glazed base Spring Oven is available in a choice of three colours; White, Honey and Blue. As well as the attractive sheen the glaze adds to the product, the smooth finish allows the base to be cleaned easily for future use.

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