The Spring Oven

The Spring Oven

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The Spring Oven is an ovenware pot designed for bakers. Baking bread with steam helps your dough rise and gives you a good crust. However I found generating steam in a home oven was quite difficult and rarely that effective. The Spring Oven is a solution to this problem; an ovenware pot with a water channel in the base of the product that generates steam inside the product while you bake.

Many home methods to create steam often see minimal results and also have a cooling effect on your home oven which inhibits the rise of your bread. The Spring Oven combines the benefits of high steam-baking while allowing your home oven to still reach high temperatures.

Using a traditional ceramic slip-casting process, each Spring Oven is hand-made to a very high quality using high-fired, locally sourced terracotta. The procedure of slip-casting cannot be rushed and requires focused attention and skill to produce the exceptional finish on each Spring Oven.

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